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The advantages of the Yankee coating treatments offered by Mare S.p.A.

The Yankee coating treatment was created and developed in Europe in the 1980s, as an evolution of the previous bulk treatments intended to control the release of creped tissue paper from the Yankee cylinder.

The treatment comprises various specific additives, mixed with hot water and applied using a sprayer to the Yankee cylinder, in a continuous manner, which varies according to the type of manufacturing and depending on the complexity of the system.

In general, three types of products are applied, more precisely:

  • a synthetic or natural polymer that forms a protective film with the function of making the sheet of paper adhere to the surface of the cylinder and protecting the creping blade/Yankee substrate.
  • A mineral, vegetable or synthetic release agent that allows for the removal of the excess coating produced and the lubrication of the creping blade and Yankee cylinder to minimise friction.
  • A protective agent that inhibits electrostatic currents and improves the uniformity of the coating produced, as well as safeguarding the external surface of the Yankee cylinder from corrosion.

Solutions specifically designed for Yankee coating

A high-performance coating treatment makes it possible to produce paper that meets the required technical specifications, including bulk, stretch, creping and softness, thereby maximising the quality of the finished product and increasing the production efficiency of the Fourdrinier machine.

The aforementioned benefits also facilitate operational management by the machine operators, helping them to minimise variation in the products applied as the production context varies, while maximising the performance of the application.

Release agents offered by Mare S.p.A.

Mare Group provides one of the widest ranges of coating products on the market today with over 50 product types with different features and characteristics divided into over 30 coating agents, 10 protective agents, 10 release agents and various gloss modifiers. The high number of technical combinations that are possible, which is a result of the countless hours of experience garnered in the field, make it possible for Mare to formulate ad hoc products that are tailor-made for specific customers.

At Mare, satisfying the needs of our customers is of fundamental importance, and for this reason, our attention is always focused on the development of new sustainable products that satisfy the increasingly restrictive food and environmental regulations but, at the same time, we are developing new, increasingly specific formulations on a daily basis to keep up to date with changing production contexts, experiment with the use of new types of raw materials and ensure the reduction of freshwater consumption.

Today, Mare is a European leader in the sector, something which has been made possible thanks to the high level of expertise of our technicians working both in the field and in support roles, with an average of over 20 years’ experience gained in specific contexts, such as the tissue paper manufacturing industry.

The Mare Dynamics department deals exclusively with “tissue process chemicals” and ensures rapid response times for problem-solving and broad operational flexibility, which strongly distinguishes it from its multinational competitors.

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