Softener and debonder

Softening and surface treatments

Tissue paper plays an essential role in the daily life of consumers. Softness, smoothness and bulk are increasingly important characteristics that must be taken into consideration to meet consumer demand.

Mare offers a wide range of softeners and debonding agents:

  • Wet end softeners
  • Wet end debonders
  • Softeners for coating application
  • Coating softeners, which replace conventional release agents
  • Lotions

Mare softeners and debonding agents can be used to:

  • Improve hand feel
  • Boost softening surface effects
  • Boost bulk effects
  • Improve paper elongation and synergy with coating chemicals
  • Boost TSA values

Products are BfR and FDA approved, can be used in Ecolabel production and are in compliance with the main environmental regulations.

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