Retention and charge control

Retention and charge control

By optimising charge control and maximising retention, colloids, fines and additives are better fixed on the paper, improving the efficiency of the paper machine and reducing production costs.

Mare’s coagulants and polymers are formulated and applied to meet the requirements of each
specific production grade.

Mare offers a wide range of charge and retention control agents:

  • Cationic, organic, inorganic and blended coagulants
  • Polymers in powder, emulsion and water-based forms for retention and clarification with different charges
  • Dispersant polymers

Mare charge and retention control agents can be used to:

  • Reduce fresh-water consumption
  • Improve mechanical wire and felt dewatering
  • Reduce wet-end deposits
  • Maximise the performance of paper chemical additives
  • Improve the quality of the final product
  • Improve runnability
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce energy costs such as electricity and gas
  • Improve environmental sustainability

Products are BfR and FDA approved, can be used in Ecolabel production and are in compliance with the main environmental regulations.

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