MAREDIS Polyacrylates

Located at its headquarters near Milan, MAREDIS polyacrylates division produces an extensive range of acrylic acid based product homopolymers and copolymers with overall production capacity of 40,000 tonnes per year.

In recent years MARE continuous to invest in MAREDIS production facilities at its head

MAREDIS are produced on two large scale production lines which handle a large variety of monomers including but not limited to acrylic acid, BA, IBMA, Styrene, AMPS, SMS, MMA, MAA

MAREDIS business was developed in the 80s on detergency application and through an extensive diversification process today is extensively present in ceramic, leather, mineral grinding, coating, water treatment, construction

Maredis Polyacrylates is available as:

  • Homo-, co- and ter- polymers from commodity to specialty
  • Mw from 2 to 400 kDa
  • Solid content up to 50%
  • pH from full acid to fully neutralized by means of varios bases


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