Internal sizing

Mare, the expert manufacturer of internal sizing products

Mare is one of the few manufacturers of internal sizing products that supplies every type of product group available today. All our products are manufactured in strategic plants throughout Europe, including Italy, Germany and Scandinavia.

Mare’s state-of-the-art production facilities ensure that the entire product range is manufactured with minimal impact on the environment and with industry-leading levels of consistency and quality.

Our implementation of lean manufacturing processes, combined with dedicated and highly skilled operatives, ensure all our products are available at competitive prices. The flexibility of our manufacturing plants enables Mare to customise products to meet our customers’ exact specifications and needs.


  • Mareasa ASA
  • Dymar (AKD)
  • Marecoll RX (Rosin Soap)
  • Kentol / Marecoll (Anionic Rosin Emulsions)
  • Insize (Cationic Rosin)

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