Felt and wires

Felt and wire applications

Felt and wire operating conditions and performance often influence the paper machine’s operation.
Maximising surface and internal cleanliness can increase the quality and quantity of the finished product and reduce associated energy costs.

Mare offers a wide range of cleaning and passivating agents:

  • Alkaline, acid and neutral detergents
  • Surface protection agents
  • Specific solvents with very low aromatic compounds

Mare cleaning and passivating agents can be used to:

  • Remove internal organic and inorganic contaminants for both batch or continuous treatments
  • Prevent surface deposition of contaminants such as stickies and pitch
  • Remove ongoing stickies and pitch deposition without shutting down the process
  • Improve runnability
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce energy costs such as electricity and gas

Products are BfR and FDA approved, can be used in Ecolabel production and are in compliance with the main environmental regulations.

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