Dry strength

Dry strength

The production and supply of Mare Niklacell CMC is at the heart of the company. Located at its dedicated production site in Niklasdorf, Austria, Mare is one of the few remaining CMC manufacturers in Europe. CMC has been produced on-site for almost 50 years and the production facilities underwent a major upgrade in 2012 to ensure
the process is safer, cleaner and more cost-efficient.

Mare can supply both technical and purified grades of CMC, used in a wide range of industries and for several specific applications.

Mare offers a wide range of dry strength agents:

  • Made from pre-cooked and stabilised liquid starches with various degrees of charge
  • Made from enzymes
  • Made from synthetic polymers
  • Made from CMC

Mare dry strength agents can be used to:

  • Reduce energy costs, such as electricity and gas
  • Reduce raw material costs
  • Increase the use of secondary raw materials
  • Reduce the presence of fines in the circuit
  • Reduce the presence of dust on the paper
  • Obtain the same final resistance with lower paperweight
  • Boost runnability
  • Boost productivity

All products are BfR and FDA approved, can be used in Ecolabel production and are in compliance with the main environmental regulations.

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