Calcium Stearate

Calcium Stearate

Calcium Stearate plays a vital role in a wide range of industrial applications. Historically, its primary function was as a lubricant, used extensively in paper and board coatings and other coating applications. Today, its uses extend across a vast array of industries and applications.

These include:

  • Paper and board – as a lubricant in coating colours
  • Confectionary production – as a flow and surface conditioner and as a waterproofing agent
  • Pencil and crayon manufacturing – as a lubricant
  • Concrete production – to treat efflorescence and for waterproofing
  • Pharmaceutical industry – for tablet mould release, as an anti-tack agent and as a gelling agent
  • Plastics industry – for acid scavenging or neutralisation, pigment wetting, accelerating fusion and reducing die swell
  • Defoamer production

The influence of calcium stearate is contrary to the normal characteristics one would typically expect from a lubricant. Increasing the amount of calcium stearate leads to increased melt viscosity and decreased shear rate and volumetric flow rate.

Swedcoat is available in several variations to meet our customers’ exacting needs, including:

  • Broad range of particle sizes
  • High solids content (up to 60%)

Product customisation is also available.

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