To meet the needs of a variety of different markets, such as the production of wood panels, non-woven fabric, and glass and textile fibres, Mare has developed families of binders made from modified polyamides.

Binders are polymers that can create intra- and intermolecular covalent bonds and ionic interactions with different matrices.

These bonds can be imagined as the sleepers connecting the rails of a railway track (representing polymer chains). Binders have the ability to modify the chemical, physical and mechanical properties of the matrix with which they interact, and this will determine their application.

We offer binders with a variety of different features and characteristics, including:

  • Concentration
  • Presence of pollutants
  • Degree of crosslinking
  • Cationic charge
  • pH

Mare staff is at your disposal to help you select the best product for your needs or to develop new,
tailor-made technological solutions.

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