Wet strength

Wet strength resin Mare has been producing Maresin Wet Strength resin for over 30 years. During this time, manufacturers and consumers’ demands have become increasingly stringent in terms of AOX, DCP and mCDP levels, while the performance criteria for meeting new and more precise towel specifications have continually increased.

Tissue Yankee coating

Mare’s expertise in the manufacturing of chemicals for Yankee cylinders In tissue and paper towel production, the Yankee cylinder is often, and rightly so, regarded as the most critical and sensitive part of the entire production process. For this reason, Mare developed a range of highly specialised products to meet the demands of all machines… Continue reading Tissue Yankee coating

Additives for paper dry strength

Additivies for paper dry strength Dry strength additives for the paper industry enable producers to enter new markets or reduce raw material costs. Mare offers a wide range of solutions to meet our customers’ specific requests and enable them to obtain the best return on their investment. The best dry strength approach will be tailor-made… Continue reading Additives for paper dry strength

Softener and debonder

Softening and surface treatments Tissue paper plays an essential role in the daily life of consumers. Softness, smoothness and bulk are increasingly important characteristics that must be taken into consideration to meet consumer demand.

Felt and wires

Felt and wire applications Felt and wire operating conditions and performance often influence the paper machine’s operation. Maximising surface and internal cleanliness can increase the quality and quantity of the finished product and reduce associated energy costs.

Dry strength

Dry strength The production and supply of Mare Niklacell CMC is at the heart of the company. Located at its dedicated production site in Niklasdorf, Austria, Mare is one of the few remaining CMC manufacturers in Europe. CMC has been produced on-site for almost 50 years and the production facilities underwent a major upgrade in 2012… Continue reading Dry strength

Internal sizing

Mare, the expert manufacturer of internal sizing products Mare is one of the few manufacturers of internal sizing products that supplies every type of product group available today. All our products are manufactured in strategic plants throughout Europe, including Italy, Germany and Scandinavia. Mare’s state-of-the-art production facilities ensure that the entire product range is manufactured… Continue reading Internal sizing

Deposit control

Deposit control Organic, inorganic and microbiological deposits on the wet side of the machine can compromise the quality and quantity of the finished product. Mare deposit control agents are specifically designed to prevent the build-up of contaminants on the paper machine and on the final product.

Surface sizing

Paper surface sizing A surface sizing chemical is applied to the surface of the paper or board to change the characteristics of the sheet surface to meet conversion and end-use requirements. Surface sizes provide excellent control over hydrophobicity properties, including water hold-out and ink resistance, as well as ensuring good coating conditions when the paper… Continue reading Surface sizing

Retention and charge control

Retention and charge control By optimising charge control and maximising retention, colloids, fines and additives are better fixed on the paper, improving the efficiency of the paper machine and reducing production costs. Mare’s coagulants and polymers are formulated and applied to meet the requirements of each specific production grade.