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Mare Dynamics: the most advanced solutions for tissue paper production

Over the years, the Mare Group has always paid the utmost attention to the needs of individual  markets, such as tissue paper production, providing answers to increasingly specific and scientific  grade demands, in line with the requests of current customers and so as to attract potential new business.

Based on this philosophy, Mare Dynamics was established, a company that focuses exclusively on the tissue paper sector.

Over the last 5 years, Mare Dynamics has experienced considerable success, recording an increase in revenue that has doubled since 2018.

This extraordinary result was achieved thanks to the company’s absolute commitment to the design, development and production of high value-added process chemicals intended for use on paper for hygienic-sanitary use, with a particular focus on the most complex treatments.

In particular, this refers to coating treatments on Yankee cylinders and dry strength treatments, where engineering services related to surveying and pre- and post-application support are necessary to maximise benefits and guarantee the quantitatively and qualitatively high level of the finished product as regards its main characteristics, such as softness, resistance, fluffiness and absorbency.

What differentiates Mare Dynamics from its competitors within the tissue sector?

  • Mare Dynamics now occupies a leading position within this sector, thanks to its technical department, which is made up of international experts with an average of over 20 years’ experience. Our specialised technicians, who have in-depth knowledge of the application of chemicals and production processes, carry out daily customer support operations, monitoring the performance of the treatments in use and potential improvements as operating conditions change, with a focus on maximising the ROI that each individual customer has established.
  • Today, Mare Dynamics offers the most complete range of specific products for tissue paper production, which includes all the treatments that the process requires, from freshwater to papermaking right up to wastewater and boiler treatments.

In so doing, it has reached a pre-eminent position in Italy as regards coating treatments with a considerable presence in the market (over 45%), as well as excelling in the production and distribution of moisture-resistant resins throughout Europe.

The importance of the Italian R&D centre

The R&D centre, located in Italy (Milan and Lucca), represents a fundamental pillar for the company, making it possible for us to create customised products that are tailored to our customers’ individual needs.

Mare Dynamics also stands out for its flexibility and dynamism, guaranteeing immediate response times and efficient problem-solving solutions thanks to its in-house technical expertise.

The importance of sustainability

Mare Dynamics, which manufactures many of its products in-house, is also committed to the development of sustainable products through the fine-tuning and implementation of advanced technologies.

Our customer portfolio includes the leading manufacturers of tissue paper making machines, which is an unequivocal testimony to Mare Dynamics’s recognised expertise in the sector.

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