The industries we serve

Mare supplies chemicals for a wide range of industries and sectors.

  • Paper and Board

    The paper and board manufacturing industry runs through the core of Mare.

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  • Tissue and Towel

    With Mare Dynamics, the company establishes itself as a supplier of chemical processes for the tissue and towel industry.

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  • Ceramic

    Ceramic production is a highly specialised and extremely competitive market.

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  • Composite Wood

    Today, most composite wood materials are produced using formaldehyde-based adhesives, such as urea-formaldehyde (UF) and phenol formaldehyde (PF) resins.

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  • Leather

    Today’s leather chemical suppliers must address and meet the ever-changing and growing demands of end users for high-performance and sustainable products.

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  • Water Treatment

    To facilitate recovery and recycling, Mare has developed and industrialised the production of various water treatment chemicals.

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  • Mineral Grinding

    To optimise the efficiency of mineral grinding processes and slurry dispersion performance, Mare offers a complete range of highly efficient Maredis mineral processing aids.

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  • Textiles

    Textile chemicals suppliers must address and meet the ever-changing and growing demands of end users for a variety of precise and specific applications.

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  • Detergents

    The detergent market is extensive and covers many highly specialised sectors.

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  • Construction

    The construction industry is developing exponentially in terms of the volume of materials used and their technicality and complexity.

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  • Pulp Anti-scaling

    Effective scale control and dispersion are essential to ensure that the pulping process always runs as efficiently as possible.

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