The construction industry is developing exponentially in terms of the volume of materials used
and their technicality and complexity. As a manufacturer and supplier of construction and concrete chemicals,
Mare remains at the forefront of this huge industry, ensuring maximum product performance
and optimum efficiency at minimum cost during the process.

In many building materials, including concrete, cellulose ethers are used as stabilisers and binders, as well as a source of hydrophilicity. Niklacell CMC (carboxymethylcellulose) improves many key aspects of building materials, including water retention, stiffness, rheological behaviour, consistency and structure. Niklacell CMC also exhibits excellent dispersion and solution stabilisation qualities when used in drilling.

Polyacrylates are also an essential raw material in construction chemicals, mainly due to their excellent dispersing qualities. In addition, they are the backbone of superfluidiser products PCE.

MARECOLL and SWEDCOAT also play a key role in various construction materials, including concrete, where they are used as ‘air entrainers’.

For the construction and concrete industry, Mare offers:

Maredis Polyacrylates

Marecoll rosin soap

Sweadcoat calcium stearate

Niklacell CMC

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