Our Organisation

Mare meets all the chemical requirements for traditional and modern manufacturers, but what makes Mare unique is its personnel.
Caring for people and the environment is an integral part of every step we take.
Our daily goal is to contribute to people’s well-being through our products and actions.
We strive to minimise the environmental impact of our operations and products.

Experience, Passion, Commitment, Dedication and Flexibility are the values that drive everything we do.

Our other strengths:


Technical/commercial personnel
with decades of experience
> 80% of the sales force


Personnel with high technical
and production knowledge

Problem-solving skills

Personnel with strong
problem-solving skills


Excellent pre- and
post-sales technical assistance

As a manufacturer, Mare understands its customers’ processes, with highly experienced technical experts in all the markets it supplies. The entire team is wholly committed to providing best practices and maximum value at all times, thereby confirming its position as one of the top pulp and paper chemical suppliers. Mare’s supply chain ethics are based on flexibility with a focused response to customer needs. Its products and technical expertise demonstrate “optimised” cost solutions, thus ensuring reduced costs, increased flexibility and improved competitiveness. Choosing Mare will guarantee you receive a more personalised, flexible and focused supplier response.

Mare’s Vision

To grow the company and the chemical market responsibly, by
innovating processes and production so as to constantly improve the reliability, quality and sustainability of Mare and the products it offers.


The continuous evolution of production facilities and processes, safely founded on excellent customer relations and a rapid response to market demands through R&D, creativity and high-quality manufacturing expertise. The harmonious convergence of humanity and innovation, resulting in sustainable production with a service of excellence.

For more information

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