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Our History

A historical soul looking to the future of custom polymer productsToday, Mare is one of the largest privately
owned European-based manufacturers and suppliers of custom polymer products in the market.

The origins

About Us

Mare was founded in 1979, although its roots date back to the beginning of the 20th century. Since its establishment, the company has grown both organically and through acquisition. Thanks to this tradition of knowledge and innovation, today Mare manufactures over 200,000 tonnes of products each year, making it the leading manufacturer of high-quality functional chemicals.

From Paper and Board to manufacturing as a whole

When it was first established, Mare was a supplier of functional products for paper and board production, a specialist manufacturing sector that remains very important for the Mare Group today. Through strategic expansion, Mare now plays a leading role in many other industries, including construction, textiles, minerals, and coatings and detergents.

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