The production and supply of Mare’s Niklacell CMC runs through the very heart of the Company.

Located at its dedicated manufacturing site in Niklasdorf, Austria, Mare is one of the few remaining Companies manufacturing CMC in Europe. CMC has been produced on-site for almost 50 years and had a major upgrade to its production facilities in 2012, ensuring it was maintained as the safest, cleanest and most cost-efficient process of its type.

Mare can provide both technical and purified grades of CMC used across a wide range of industries and for a variety of specific applications. These include:

  • Paper and Board Industry – for dry strength and charge control and in coating colours
  • Tissue and Towel Industry – for dry strength and charge control
  • Ceramic Industry – as a binding agent and to increase water retention
  • Paints/Coatings/Minerals – for thickening, stabilising and binding
  • Sizes and Glues – for binding and thickening 
  • Construction – stiffness, binding, thickening, rheological control, fluidity control and substrate adhesion
  • Drilling – to improve dispersion and solution stabilisation pellets/briquettes granulating agent
  • Agriculture – pesticide production
  • Welding Electrodes – binding
  • Cables – cavity filling 
  • Detergents – as a suspension agent and greying inhibitor
  • Textiles – binding agent


Derived from naturally occurring cellulose fibre, Mare’s Niklacell CMC has an excellent environmental profile.

Niklacell CMC is available with a wide range of specifications, these include:

  • Broad range of molecular weights
  • Available in granular, powder and liquid form
  • Wide ranging degrees of substitution
  • In volumes from 5kg to bulk delivery
  • Available with FDA and BFR approval
  • High levels of etherification
  • Technical or purified grades
  • Product customisation available

For further details on our Niklacell range of CMC’s, please contact one of our Product Specialists on