Enzymes have been used in the Pulp and Paper Industry for many years, originally used solely for the degradation of native starch for viscosity control.

In the last 20 years, the range of applications where enzymes are used has significantly increased. These applications include:

  • Enzymatic Fibre Modification – for strength development and energy reduction
  • Deinking – for improved brightness, furnish degradation, increased yield and chemical reduction
  • Drainage – through the reduction in refining energy and for the reduction of fines in water loops 
  • Pitch Control – to reduce triglyceride content
  • Stickies Control – to reduce esterase based stickies issues
  • Pulping – reducing the demands of Chlorine Bleaching
  • Vessel element control – to minimise picking

Mare has been supplying customised enzymatic formulations to the industry for several years. Due to its success, primarily with enzymatic fibre modification products for strength enhancement and energy reduction, Mare recently expanded its range of customised formulations available to the industry to cover all the areas detailed above.

Each enzyme performs a specific function and has its optimum performance at a specific pH and temperature. To ensure that MareZyme products perform at their highest possible efficiency, the MareZyme products are specifically designed and formulated for each application.

Mare has unquestionably some of the most experienced technologists in the industry today.

For further details on our MareZyme range, please contact one of our Product Specialists on enzymes@mare.com