The sizing of paper and board remains one of the key elements in the production process. The use of surface sizing chemicals is growing at a significant rate as some producers move away from internal sizing methods that have been used traditionally and as surface properties become ever more demanding.

A surface sizing chemical is applied to the surface of the paper or board to change the characteristics of the sheet surface to meet the conversion and end use requirements, surface sizes provide excellent control of the hydrophobicity properties, including water hold out and ink resistance as well as ensuring good coating conditions where the paper or board is coated or laminated.

Surface sizing can impact upon many other properties including toner adhesion, printability, dusting, smoothness, permeability and ketone migration.

With surface sizing playing such a significant role on the final product it is vital the papermaker works with a supplier that has the capability and flexibility to meet the ever-changing demands within the market.

Mare produces its Maresize range of surface sizing agents at its headquarters and largest production facility in Ossona, Italy. The product range has been designed for all paper types, such as fine paper and packaging, and for the fast and modern machines.

Key factors of the range include:

  • Anionic and cationic
  • Synthetic and natural
  • Up to 35% solids
  • Low viscosity
  • Long shelf life (6 months)
  • Liquid AKD options

For further details on our range of Maresize SSA’s, please contact one of our Product Specialists on