Mare has been producing Maresin Wet Strength Resin for over 30 years.

During this period, the demands of the producer and consumer have ever tightened in terms of levels of AOX, DCP and mCDP whilst the performance criteria to meet new tougher towel specifications have continually increased.

Mare has remained at the forefront of these developments throughout and supplies the largest range of wet strength resins on the market from 2nd generation, through to 2.5 generation products and to the cleanest and most effective 3rd generation product available today.

In recent years and continuing into 2017, Mare continues to invest in its Wet Strength Resin production facilities at its headquarters in Ossona, Italy to ensure that the Maresin products meet and exceed all the regulatory and environmental requirements.

With such a history of supply and product development it is little wonder that the Maresin product range is supported by the most experienced technical specialists whom have over 500 years of industry experience between them.

Mare’s Maresin Wet Strength Resin is available:

  • In Generations 2, 2.5 and 3 and derivatives thereof
  • With solids content, up to 25%
  • Varying degrees of cationicity to satisfy all process conditions
  • Market leading levels of cleanliness (AOX, DCP, mCDP)