Yankee Modifier and Edge Control Agents

The Yankee Cylinder in Tissue and Towel production is often, and quite rightly, regarded as the most critical and sensitive part of the entire production process. We at Mare agree and it is for this reason we have developed a range of highly specialised products to meet the demands for all machines utilising a Yankee Cylinder.

From the specialist Tissue division located in Veneri, Tuscany, Italy, Mare designs and supplies a whole range of Yankee Chemistry including Creping Aids, Release Aids, Modifiers and Edge Control Agents. Traditional and recently developed technologies are available throughout the range to ensure Mare remains at the forefront of this most important of technologies.

Product storage and application is also a critical element of this technology and Mare has an in-house team of engineering experts capable of designing feed systems to meet all application requirements which can be controlled remotely from the customers DCS.

For further details on our Yankee Chemistry range please contact one of our Product Specialists on yankeechemistry@mare.com