A.S.A. AIkenly Succinic Anhydride

There are very few producers of A.S.A. remaining in Europe today and even fewer who not only manufacture the products but provide technical support through to its end use.

Mare is one of these select few and are proud to be acknowledged as the producer of the ‘best quality’ product available.

Located in Duren, Germany, Mare produces a wide range of ‘fractional’ and instant A.S.A.’s and to ensure the products are made down and applied effectively, has a dedicated engineering team to support the range.

Mare’s A.S.A. has many attributes including the following:

  • Very long shelf life
  • Emulsifying starch and Polymers are available
  • Excellent on machine cure
  • Suitable for all paper grades
  • Can be used on both virgin and recycled fibres
  • Excellent on M.G machines

Instant A.S.A. (Mareasa EX) available for smaller machines requiring lower investment costs.


For further details on our ASA range, please contact one of our Product Specialists on asa@mare.com