Cationic Rosin Emulsions

Rosin remains the sizing regime of choice for many traditional and specialist papermakers and continues to provide final product characteristics that other sizing agents cannot achieve.

Mare manufactures the largest range of cationic rosin emulsions in Europe and have the capability of meeting your bespoke needs.

The products are:

  • Available with total solids content of up to 35%
  • Can be emulsified in Starch, Wet Strength Resin, P.A.A.E and Polyamine
  • Supplied in a broad range of Cationicity
  • Available with a broad range of activated Alum
  • Can be used across a broad pH range – up to 7.5
  • Suitable for all paper grades
  • Can be used on virgin and recycled fibres
  • Product customisation to meet specific needs is available


For further details on our Rosin range, please contact one of our Product Specialists on