A.K.D. Emulsions (AIkyl Ketene Dimer)

Mare’s range of A.K.D. emulsions is produced on two sites strategically located to meet the demands of the European paper makers.

At Mare’s headquarters in Ossona, Italy and Kilafors, Sweden, Mare produces an extensive range of A.K.D. emulsion designed to meet the toughest of paper and board specifications.

Mare’s A.K.D. :

  • Can be tailor made with both starches and specific polymers
  • Available with total solids content of up to 24%
  • Can be supplied with standard, high or low (liquid) melting point waxes
  • AKD / Parafin wax blends also available
  • Compatible with GCC / PCC
  • Works in a broad pH range 6.5 – 9.5
  • Anionic emulsions for surface sizing also available
  • Suitable for all paper grades
  • Effective on both virgin and recycled fibres

Customised products to meet specific needs are available upon request.

For further details on our AKD range, please contact one of our Product Specialists on akd@mare.com