The demands placed upon the leather producer are increasing rapidly with end users requiring more and more characteristics from the leather they produce.

Mare understands this and, to aid the production process ensuring the leather is produced to specification and as cost effectively as possible, supplies a wide range of Polyacrylates. These Polyacrylates perform many functions within the industry, including for use as acrylic resins, as fillers and for use as scale control agents.

Located at Mare’s headquarters and largest facility in Ossona near Milan, Italy, Mare produces a wide range of Maredis Polyacrylates. Over 50,000 tonnes of Polyacrylates are produced each year, many of which go into the leather industry.

Mare produces a wide range of homopolymers and copolymers. For more detailed information, please view the range below:

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Located at its headquarters near Milan, Mare’s Polyacrylates Division produces one of the most extensive ranges of homopolymers and copolymers available on the market today. Recent investment means that the facility is now capable of producing in excess of 50,000 tonnes per year.

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Mare is the largest privately owned manufacturer and supplier of functional chemicals to the Paper, Detergent, Concrete and Ceramics industries.