The construction industry continues to develop at an exponential rate, both in terms of the volume of material used, but also with the technicality and complexity of materials used.

Mare remains at the forefront of this huge industrial sector ensuring maximum product performance, as well as optimum efficiency at minimum cost during the process. 

In many construction materials, including concrete, cellulose ethers are used as stabilisers, binders and as a source of hydrophilicity. Niklacell CMC (Carboxymethylcellulose) enhances many key aspects of construction materials including water retention, stiffness, rheological behaviour, consistency and structure.

Niklacell CMC also shows excellent dispersion qualities and solution stabilisation when used in drilling.

In Niklasdorf, Austria, Mare remains one of the few producers of CMC (Carboxymethylcellulose) in Europe. CMC is one of the most commonly used thickeners and binding agents used in industry today. Mare’s range of Niklacell CMC’s includes both purified and technical grades able to meet the toughest of technical specifications.

Polyacrylates are also a key raw material in the construction industry primarily due to their excellent dispersant qualities. They are also one of the most effective chemicals available for scale control.

Located at Mare’s headquarters and largest production facility in Ossona near Milan, Italy, Mare produces a wide range of Maredis Polyacrylates. Over 50,000 tonnes of Polyacrylates are produced each year, many of which go into the construction and concrete industries.

Rosin soaps also play a pivotal role in several construction materials, including concrete where they are used as an “air entrainer”.

For more information on Mare’s Polyacrylates, CMC and Rosin Soaps please view the range below: 

Construction and Concrete Products


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Located at its headquarters near Milan, Mare’s Polyacrylates Division produces one of the most extensive ranges of homopolymers and copolymers available on the market today. Recent investment means that the facility is now capable of producing in excess of 50,000 tonnes per year.

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Maredis | Read more

Internal Sizing

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Mare is one of the few companies that manufactures and supplies every type of Internal Sizing product group available today.

All the products are manufactured at strategically located facilities across Europe, including Italy, Germany and in Scandinavia.

Mare’s state of the art manufacturing facilities ensure that its entire product range is made with minimal impact on the environment to industry leading levels of consistency and quality.

The lean manufacturing processes, combined with dedicated and highly skilled operatives, ensure all our products are available at competitive prices. Flexibility in the plants enable Mare to customise our products to meet your exact specifications and your customer’s needs.

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Kentol / Marecoll (Anionic Rosin Emulsions) | Read more

CMC (Carboxymethylcellulose)

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The production and supply of Mare’s Niklacell CMC runs through the very heart of the company. Located at its dedicated manufacturing site in Niklasdorf, Austria, Mare is one of the few remaining companies manufacturing CMC in Europe.

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Niklacell (CMC) | Read more

Dry Strength

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Increasing the dry strength qualities of the paper and board has been a key driver of the paper market for decades. Increased dry strength enables the producer to enter new markets or to reduce the content of its more expensive cellulose fibre components.

The complexities of the papermaking process mean that increasing dry strength can be achieved in many ways. It is vital that when selecting a dry strength programme, the technology and indeed the supplier is selected on its merits and that the programme is the most suitable or technically correct for the application.  

In order to meet this requirement, Mare offers the widest range of products on the market today. Mare is able to supply all the available options for dry strength enhancement, ensuring complete independence in its approach.  

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Niklacell (CMC) | Read more

Functional and process solutions for industry.
Mare is the largest privately owned manufacturer and supplier of functional chemicals to the Paper, Detergent, Concrete and Ceramics industries.