Health, Safety and Environmental Statement

Mare takes its responsibility for health, safety and the environment very seriously.

Protection of the health and safety of its employees, customers, local community, and the protection of the environment are integral to the Company’s ethics, principles and business practices.

Mare is committed to ensuring all its facilities and products comply with all current regulations, local conditions, and within the markets sectors it operates. The company strives to ensure compliance and improve health and safety and protection of the environment in all its businesses and ventures.

Mare is constantly improving its systems and processes to ensure best practice is used in all its process and facilities worldwide. The company is committed to ensure health, safety, and the environment are at the forefront of its business practices and works continuously to offer a sustainable business practice and future for all concerned.

Mare has gained certification in both ISO 9001 Quality Standard and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard.

Mare has completed and/or verified with suppliers the necessary EU REACH Registration of chemical substances used in the products that they manufacture, market and sell in the European Union (EU). See attached REACH document. Additionally, Mare has reviewed and applied the necessary requirements and expectations to comply with CLP Regulations.

Certificates & ISO Documentation

REACH Statement MARE_(17 January 2022)

Ethic Code Edition    (10 February 2022) EN

Codice Etico Edizione (10 Febbraio 2022) IT



MARE Certificate ISO 9001_2021

MARE Certificate ISO14001_2015_13355_210720

MARE Certificate ISO45001_2018_28983_210720

Marenordic AB Certificate SE007767 9000 2021

Marenordic AB Certificate SE007768 14000 2021

Marenordic AB EMAS intyg 2021

CFB Mare Gmbh

Mare Austria ISO 9001

Mare Dynamics ISO 9001

Mare Dynamics ISO 14001

Mare Dynamics ISO 45001